Does window tint work?

Does window tint work?

The short answer to this is yes it definitely does.  The long answer, well we need to ask ourselves what “work” really means.  It breaks down into three major factors, UV rejection, heat rejection and glare reduction.

Good quality window tint can stop 99% of UVA and UVB rays and depending on the type of film can offer a SPF value similar to sunscreens.

Window tint also provides real heat rejection properties which means less solar energy entering your home which translates into a cooler interior.  This has the added benefit of taking the pressure off your home’s air conditioning enabling it to run at a lower rate. This also means savings on power usage.

Having a dark tint applied to your home or office windows also reduces glare as it filters the amount of light passing through the window.  This will reduce the glare on a TV or computer screen and make the room feel more comfortable.

The combination of these three factors means that you can protect your furnishings, feel more comfortable in your home and save money in the long run.  The benefit of a quality window tint not only relates to you and your family, but to the home’s interior also being protected from harmful heat and UV.  So a good quality window film can work very well and carries a small cost in relation to your comfort and safety.