Home and Office Tinting Brisbane

Tint & More offers a large range of window films for your home. We have a range of films to choose from depending on the need, the film can offer high heat rejection and privacy or allow natural light to enter your living space while still reducing a majority of the heat. All films reject at least 99% of the UV while also reducing glare.

Tinting your home can provide excellent heat rejection minimising the need for excessive air con costs as well as protecting everyone and everything from harmful UV rays.

Furnishings can begin to fade as soon as they are exposed to sunlight. It is a combination of heat and UV that begins the fading process. Applying even a light film can reduce fading by over 60%.

Tint & More can offer privacy films that prevent people seeing through the windows during the day while allowing you to see out. We also have 100% privacy films suitable for door and bathroom windows.

Our friendly staff at Tint & More can provide you with an obligation free quote. We can show you our range of films that can offer impressive heat rejection and glare reduction all while allowing natural light to enter your home. Our free quotes provide you with samples and advice with a firm price on the spot.

Reduce fading by 80%*
Reject up to 80% heat
Increase privacy