Low Cost GPS Trackers!

Low Cost GPS Trackers!

These days vehicle immobilisers and alarm systems are often built into the cars we purchase keeping our new cars safe from thieves.  However as these alarm systems become more advanced so do the techniques used to bypass them.  This can often mean that an alarm system and immobiliser will likely make it more difficult to steal, but not impossible as thieves develop hi-tech measures to steal sought after vehicles.  A way to solve this problem is with a GPS tracker installed into your car.

GPS vehicle trackers can be expensive, often with ongoing costs to enable the tracking of the vehicle.  Enter the new GPS trackers by Mongoose.  These small, water resistant units can be easily installed into almost any vehicle from cars, bikes to earthmoving equipment and even trailers.  Some models of GPS trackers require paying a monthly fee to enable tracking; this can easily be $100 per month making most GPS tracking systems out of reach for anyone other than large companies.  The Mongoose VT900 GPS tracker https://mongoose.com.au/vt900-vehicle-tracker-2.html is not just reasonably priced, but the on-going cost of running the tracker is very cheap.  A pre-paid sim card is all you need to have constant real time tracking available.

Mongoose recently partnered with RACQ to provide them with GPS trackers for their fleet of service vehicles.  RACQ’s monthly cost went from thousands of dollars to less than $100 almost overnight.  For most private users of the GPS trackers with a pre-paid sim card, the average cost is usually only a few dollars per month.

The VT900 GPS tracker has a range of features which include a free app and website for real time vehicle tracking, history log to see where the car has been, Geo-fencing so you can get an SMS warning when your vehicle leaves a set area.  The device can also be used in conjunction with an immobiliser so that a text can be sent to the unit to enable the immobiliser stranding the thieves.

Contact Tint & More today to get a quote on these fantastic units and get peace of mind knowing that if your car is stolen, you can find it again and hopefully catch the thieves.