Office Window Tinting

Whether you want to keep the sun out of your eyes or prefer an extra measure of privacy, we are here to provide you with our office window tinting services. We can assist with your office buildings or commercial structures and have the capacity and knowledge to deal with your business properties.


What Are the Benefits of Office Window Tinting?


The process of tinting windows entails the application of a thin layer of film to obscure visibility from the outside and maintain visibility from the inside. Tinting can help your office building by:

  • Preventing strangers from looking into your building. By acting as a one-way screen, tinted windows allow the occupants of a building to view the outside world without having passers-by peering inside.
  • Providing ample shading from the sun and UV. Due to our tint film possessing heat-rejection properties, it protects you from direct sunlight and prolonged and harmful UV exposure.
  • Protect your furniture. When you expose furniture to direct sunlight over a long period, the fabric and surface of the furniture start to degrade, fade and tarnish.


We can deliver affordable and effective office tinting services to the community by providing our services to local companies.


How Do We Approach Building Window Tinting?


We focus on operating with the highest level of safety and professionalism, making sure to maintain a standard of:

  • Concise client communications. We keep our clients up to date on every project, ensuring that we perform our jobs and meet deadlines consistently.
  • We only use high quality films which are more robust and have longer lifetimes than inferior brands.
  • Operational equipment. We take care of how we approach projects, as we value the safety of our staff and clients. With the appropriate tools for the job, we can avoid mishaps and damage.

Instead of squinting all day long and applying sunscreen indoors, why not let Tint & More take care of your tinting needs?