Car Dash Cameras

View of Man In The Rearview Mirror Inside The Car Wearing Black Shades Adjust The Dash Camera Settings

Car Dash Cameras & GPS Trackers

Front and rear car dash cameras provide security and assurance that you capture anything that may happen to your car or the road in front or behind you on camera.

The Benefits of this type of footage are numerous, including:

  • Increased security: Whether you’re involved in a drunk driving, road rage, or reckless driving incident, your dashcams can provide evidence accepted by courts, helping to validate your claim and win you your case. In addition, even when you’re not involved, your dashcams can provide proof of incidents happening around you for the police.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Many insurers acknowledge the advantages of dashcams on vehicles and their influence on drivers and have started offering reduced premiums to those installing the cameras.
  • Encourages more responsible driving: Some insurers use dashcams to ‘record’ driver habits, rewarding good ‘scores’. This bonus is another good reason to install dash cams and increase your and others’ security and potential insurance savings.


Tint & More fits front and rear car dash cameras for cost-effective security.

For added peace of mind, we also fit car GPS trackers into your vehicle. Consider getting one fitted to know where your car is at all times and enjoy functions such as Geo-fencing and notifications to your smartphone.

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