Window Film and Privacy

Using a window film to obtain privacy for your home can be tricky.  Not all films will provide the privacy you seek in the way that you want.

There are generally three ways to have privacy through your window tint in your home or office.

1. Dark window films, these types of window tint will decrease the amount of light passing through the window which will provide excellent glare reduction while making it very difficult for people to see in during the day.  The downside with this option is that it will significantly darken the room it is applied to (depending on the the amount and size of the windows).

2. Reflective window films, these types of window tint will reflect the light back away from the windows.  These types of films will have a mirror like appearance from the outside while usually having just a tinted look to the glass from the inside.  These films can offer excellent heat reduction and privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room.

It should be noted that both these options will only provide daytime privacy as practically all solar films work by absorbing or reflecting the light.  This means that once there is more light inside the house than out, people will be able to see in.  This is why we do recommend having blind or curtains for nighttime privacy.

3. Frosted films are a great way to obtain 100% privacy day and nighttime.  These window films will obscure vision enough that people won’t be able to make out what is through the window.  These films are perfect for board rooms, bathrooms and entry door windows, places where curtains or blinds would be impracticable.  White frosted films will let light in while still providing privacy.  The downside to these films are that they will not provide much heat rejection, though they still can reject 99% of the UV.

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